HornyCraft v.0.09 Free Public Update

Update 0.09


Meet the new mob – Warden!


- Added a scene: The first meeting

- Added scene: Lunch



- Added a scene: Delicacies of the Upper world



- Added a scene: A new toy



- Added scene: Uncontrolled Lust


Wandering Trader:

- Added scene: Special anal service


Other changes:

- New location – Warden's house.

- A new view of gallery. Now the scenes will be sorted by characters. This way it will be easier for you to understand which character you are missing a scene with! In order for a character in the gallery to become available, you need to talk to her!

- Bug fixes

- Herobrine (not) removed

- New mine improvement – Labyrinth. With it, you can get gifts, as well as find a Warden


HornyCraft-0.09-pc.zip 515 MB
62 days ago
HornyCraft-0.09-mac.zip 480 MB
62 days ago
HornyCraft-0.09-linux.tar.bz2 481 MB
62 days ago
horny.craft-0.09.apk 506 MB
62 days ago

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I hope the new updates out soon the games great

how do i get the cheat code


Is there any way to find content with herobrine outside of the one brief glimpse i got of her once?


when i download the apk and it finished downloading it say "Download Forbidden" can someone help me ?



my mine is fully upgraded and ive mined like 20 times and havent found the warden, am i doing something wrong?

Actualízala ya hecho esto encontraras el laberinto ve ya sea a derecha o izquierda hasta que alguna de estas se ponga brillante ve hacia le que es brillante varias veces se pondra mas brillanta el camino correcto

i have been mining, the maze doesnt show up

You have to have your mine fully uprgaded

You have to have your mine fully uprgaded


Игра топ, 10/10, всем советую. Очень интересная даже не ради порнухи. Я ещё удивлялся тому, какой русский перевод топовый (и сны), а оказалось, что автор тоже Россиянин.

Amazing game,  10/10, i reccommend it to everyone. It's really fun to play even not for porn. Also amazing localization



I always wait to the next upgrade every month cus this is the best game ive ever played in itch.io fr.


how unlock the village?


how to exit my mine

Lol got stuck


did u find out?


How do I start the warden encounter for the first time I cant upgrade my mine









after i download the newst update do i delete the older ones?

It wont let me upgrade the mineshaft

How do I encounter the warden


Upgrade the mine


How do i transfer saves, or is that automati


Go into the Game folder of the files and just copy the save folder into the new version


So how do I find the warden?

Can you download the game on iPad or phone?


Fucking hype

I just have alex's gallery, the other characters that I unlocked dissapeared

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