HornyCraft v.0.08 Public Update


- New Scene: Beach Day

- New Scene: Sleepover

- New outfit: Swimsuit



- New scene: To the beach in the morning

- New outfit: Swimsuit



- New scene: Late morning

- New Scene: Breeding Season


Other changes:

- Changed the texture of the Minecart

- Simplified fishing mini-game (now you need to score 5 points, before – 10)

- Herobrine removed

- Bug fixes

- Sparky's Barn location is now active

- Other minor changes

- French language removed


HornyCraft-0.08-linux.tar.bz2 412 MB
94 days ago
HornyCraft-0.08-mac.zip 409 MB
94 days ago
HornyCraft-0.08-pc.zip 444 MB
94 days ago
horny.craft-0.08.apk 435 MB
94 days ago

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beat the entire game a while ago but it wont update for the new content, the gallery wont even update to have the locked scenes (piglin gangbang is the latest scene that is unlockable)

Cuando sale la siguiente actualización?, Ojalá metan más historia con Alex, la bruja, la vendedora, y le pongan más opciones de pedir a "Creeper", y ojalá pongan para cogerse a la Enderman y a herobrine, ojalá agreguen un nuevo animal como un caballo hembra para cogersela también :)


how do i get the enderman?

Consegui desbloquear todas as cenas.

Cock And Ball Torture


Me gustaría ver más escenas con la bruja y  la Piglin ya la vendedora y al menos poder darle una mejora más a la casa  y poder   y al menos  me gustaría ver un poco más herobrine  y también como idea loca de mi parte ver a una Golem de nieve  como otra chica sería algo interesante

Como vrga se descargan las actualizaciones xd

herobrine removed 


Please help how do you unlock the creeper beach scene, the cow suit and sleepover. I still have herobrine too. Did I download the wrong one?

Herobrine removed, is just a joke feature just like in Minecraft

ayúdenme hermanos :c

Te faltan de Creeper y de la vaca


How to unlock the farm ?

Deveriam desbloquear história pra bruxa e pra Endergirl , adicionar lv4 da mina e melhora da casa com a possibilidade da restejante ir morar com ele, deixar as ferra de diamante, adicionar sena de sexo pra Alex, na minha opinião um bom lugar pra botar sena de sexo pra Alex, e quando o jogar for pedir punheta pra ele pela 2x e ela não aguentar e começar a sentar kkk

(1 edit)

It would be great if they put the new Minecraft characters and make the map bigger. It would also be very good if they put in a not very big town and the new characters would appear there 

Or they could also put a few characters in the barn some of the new characters but it's just my opinion 0^0 I don't expect to be taken into account either

Я готов научиться искать людей по айпи, чтобы приехать к шадику и лично вручить медаль, как самому лучшему рисовальщику порно игрушек. 

ну и сходить у него дома в толкан и не смыть) 


Help me

How to unlock the scene Breeding Season

1. You need to craft golden apples (requires 8 gold ingots).

2. Talk to the witch to get the invisibility potion.

3.Go to Alex's stable in the morning and feed the horses with golden apples.

How did you have sex with enderman and the traveller

Please tell me how you got the creeper beach scene. I still have the Herobrine version too she doesn't have anything to talk about

How to the first cow?

I just found out about this update on nov 1 I hate NNN :

C'est ainsi que je disparaît ( disappear in french )


Bless your magnificent heart, the french *gag* are no more

would oyu possibly be doing an allay? small fairy gal? nice size diffrence and impossible fit or nah?

since we got alex and a horse why not steve and idk some other thing, like a hoglin or sniffer or sum wierd

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