HornyCraft v.0.07 Public Update

The Spanish translation has been temporarily removed from the game

Update 0.07


- Added a scene: Potion Preparation

- Added scene: Hangover Cure



- Added scene: Brand new Swimsuit



- Added a scene: Buy me a sex toy!



- Added scene: Product (For Endergirl)


Other changes:

- Changed the screen before talking to the Trader

- Added a new dream: Some kind of magic school

- Now the minecart has a maximum upgrade level – 10. Also, the cost of upgrade has been slightly increased

- The beach is now always available (previously: only after going there with a Cow)

- Added a new fishing mini-game (also added crafting fishing rods and a new resource - fish)


- Changed the crafting interface, fixed the problem of lack of screen space for mobile devices

- Added Home button: go directly to the house from the map screen

- Added a Changelog button: read the list of all changes right during the game

- Bug fixes


HornyCraft-0.07-pc.zip 404 MB
Sep 29, 2022
horny.craft-0.07.apk 394 MB
Sep 29, 2022
HornyCraft-0.07-mac.zip 370 MB
Sep 29, 2022
HornyCraft-0.07-linux.tar.bz2 372 MB
Sep 29, 2022

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cheat code 0.10 pls


How do you complete herobrine picture?


I am required to enter some code, which one is needed?


when is the next update?

Good game. hopefully we'll see more Herobrine in the future patch <3


how do i get the scene 1 left from top right?

Por qué no viene en español?

Deleted 106 days ago

I don't talk anime language

How do you get the blowjob scene from the cow?

How to update game without loosing save data on android

I first want to say what an absolutely fantastic game. I started the evening with a few of my friends, downloading this parody almost as a joke. I was instantly suprised to see that it was actually a full game and instantly we were addicted. Fast forward 5 hours and 100%ing the game later and were still discussing the lore and upcoming features. Absolute props to Shadik for the creation of this masterpiece and I'm excited to see where they take it from here. The lore development of Alex and the subtle hints that she was a whore prior to the blowjob stand and piglin gangbang were written perfectly. An american literasit such as Jeff Kinney (author of the critically aclaimed Diary of Wimpy Kid Series) couldn't fathom the immaculate foreshadowing and plotline that followed. I cannot express my gratitude for this game. The excitment I have for later installments is as comparable to the excitment I felt when Steve disguised himself as a piglin to join the Alex gangbang! With this, I was particulary interested in the Cow and her developing relationship with Steve and the beautiful lovestory that they formed amongst all the casual sex, prositution, and gang bangs. The only complaint I have is the inconsistency in Steve's penis size. In the gloryhole scene, his penis is easily bigger than a foot, however, in the morning wood Cow scene, his penis couldn't be longer than 9 inches. I understand that different situations can stimulate penile growth differently, but I feel like the inconsistency is something that can be worked on the future. Finally, I want to conclude this statement with a question, asking do you (Shadik) plan to take the herobrine plot line further with finding the red torches? My friends and I were enthrolled by this plot line and even after 100%ing the game, we were still on the search for more torches in hope for some last second gameplay. Thanks for the wonderful creation and I will await the next installment patiently. Thanks :) - Pixel and friends.

Don't worry, Pixel, you'll meet Herobrine again. And thank you for your review <3

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I have recently installed the 0.07, its cool, but there isnt much, dont want to soumd rude tho, so am just gonna ask this, are you making 0.08, 0.09, 0.1? If yes, then when, like cca, I dont supose you know yourself when its gonna be out, not laggy etc., i dont want to sound impatient cause I have seen how it can take a long while until the code is done, then testing and repairing... I just want to know if you have like, cca when it could possibly be released...

Cool game tho!


How to get this scene



How to solve endergirl


can anyone help me with the creeper swimsuit scene? its the last one i need to get

and im kind of stuck cause i did everything with her like bj and such but it says "i dont need to talk maybe i should talk to her later" something like that

just go to the beach 

go to the beach

en la otra agregar

 en español 

How to unlock this picture


Someone has made your game Chinese and sold it privately. I hope you can respond to this matter.

where, can you sent me the link, I'm ganna spam him everyday

As a Chinese, I feel that this has had a bad impact on my country, and I apologize on behalf of my compatriots.

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