HornyCraft v.0.06.1 Public Update

Update 0.06.1

- Bug fixes

Update 0.06

What's new?


- Added a new location "Swamp", which can be accessed after the first meeting with the Witch.

- Meet the Witch!

- Added a scene with the Witch «First meeting»

- Added a scene with the Witch «Important Ingredient»


- The portal to Nether can now be used. Don't go to Nether without golden armor!

- Added location "Piglin Village"

- Added a Piglin!

- Added the "Golden Monument" object

- Meet the Piglette!

- Added a scene with Piglette «First meeting»



- Added the «Gangbang in the Nether» scene (The idea of one of the players – omegaheross – who won the contest)


Other changes:

- The mine can now be upgraded to level 3 (gold).

- Added a new craft "Improve the Trolley", which increases the amount of extracted resources in the mine

- Slightly changed (increased) the amount of resources extracted in the mine

- Herobrine has been removed

- Platinum cheat codes have been moved to a separate, special platinum version of the game

- Fixed translation errors into French and some errors that occur when playing with Spanish

- Many other smaller changes and bug fixes


HornyCraft-0.06.1-linux.tar.bz2 322 MB
Aug 27, 2022
HornyCraft-0.06.1-mac.zip 319 MB
Aug 27, 2022
HornyCraft-0.06.1-pc.zip 353 MB
Aug 27, 2022
horny.craft-0.06.1.apk 341 MB
Aug 27, 2022

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Hey in the next update you can add again in spanish


how can i get the special service?

Banda que significa eso de "código" para que es? y cual es el codigo? :'c

Hey i am having trouble with the slecton screens for andriod verson

when is the next update?

(2 edits)

Lo del español y lo del pico solo ve cambia a inglés termina el pico y luego regresa al español el pico desaparece al nivel de airon

Tmb ya terminé el juego así q digan sus dudas


Sabes el código platinum?

Ay un bug el celular que cuando haces el pico de piedra ya no te deja salir de la mesa de crafteo 

Deleted 141 days ago

متى يكون التحديث القادم

Next update bouta go crazzzyyy

I loved the teaser of a potential warden girl in the mines


YO... this is awesome... I never thought of anything like this.

Although, I wonder if I may have a wither as a boss and fuckable enemy, it would great indeed.

And also to fuck the blazes, wither skeletons and ghasts, they might not be able to get that far as a thought, but I wish there was atleast a way to take on a few of the beings there.

I wonder what it will be of the companions we might get.

how do you do get to the Important Ingredient for the witch 


Remember when mojang always put "Herobrine was removed" and then the one time they just didn't add it, maybe some update Herobrine wont be removed

We need voice actors!


so im speechless

Можно ли разговаривать с ведьмой

I want to suggest that can you make the replay scenes with voices and sound and please consider my suggestion and have a great day.


- Herobrine has been removed
Nice referenc love the game even tho it strated as an april fools joke.




Mr Shadik, I wanted to suggest to you to add a muscular girl in the game or at least in the next version make the piglette even stronger cause she has to be stronger, the nether is a place where only the stronger survive.Am I right? 

Ps:Or at least make a magic potion that can make a girl more muscular 

(Please consider my idea)

Deleted 151 days ago

game doesn't extract properly, just me or is anyone else seeing this