HornyCraft v.0.05 Public Update

Update 0.05


- Added the "Night Picnic" scene

- Added "Ask" -> "Sex"

- Added the "Morning Surprise" scene


- Meet the Endergirl!


- Added the "Meeting in the Forest" scene

- Added the "You're a block too!" scene

- Added related "Show" functions


Other changes:

- Added gallery. Now all the CG and animations that you will encounter in the game can be viewed again through the pause menu -> Gallery (note: to open scenes that appear in the game only once, you will have to replay these scenes again!).

- Added Polish (translated by Klaudinii)

- Added Spanish (translated by kevincrd)

- Added Chinese language (translated by mobi)

- Added French (translated by lomudru)

- Changed the backgrounds of the locations "Forest" and "Glade of monsters"

- Small changes to the user interface

- Herobrine has been removed

- Fixed a bug where Alex's ass was not visible when she was wearing a gold bikini in the "Show" function

- Fixed a bug where more mobs than needed were shown during the night hunt

- Fixed a bug where a Wandering Trader did not charge for the first sex

- Fixed some translation errors into Russian


horny.craft-0.05.apk 297 MB
Jul 30, 2022
HornyCraft-0.05-linux.tar.bz2 278 MB
Jul 30, 2022
HornyCraft-0.05-mac.zip 274 MB
Jul 30, 2022
HornyCraft-0.05-pc.zip 309 MB
Jul 30, 2022

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How I can find ender girl??


Can Korean language be added?

Хто это

Eu sei que é cedo mas quando sai a próxima atualização


how do i play the game on windows

Hi i wanted to say that i really like your game and if you want i can help you to translate the game in italian bc i am from italy 

(1 edit) (+3)(-1)

Add Herobrine back, no balls

estaria bueno que pongan para mejorar la mina y la casa y poder entrar al nether y poder tradear con los piglin pero aun asi el juego esta muy bien echo :)


Question. Are there any plans on adding a femboy character to the game?


Thank for the chinese translation,love your game and art so much

почему у меня нет возможности заняться сексом с торговцем? я играю на мобильном


hoy gano el gaming

just waiting for Portuguese  subtitles

Can you add some Korean?