Hornycraft v.0.04.1 - Public update

Version 0.04.1

- Pictures with the "ending" of the "Sparky's Upbringing" scene have been replaced with short animations

- In the animations of the "Sparky's Upbringing" scenes, the size of Sparky's penis has been increased

- Minor bug fixes

- Correction of translation errors into Russian

Version 0.04



- Added the event "Sparky's Upbringing" consisting of 4 scenes

- A gold bikini has been added to the "Show me" tab



- Added the "Don't doubt yourself" scene

- Added a scene "In gratitude to the Master"

- Underwear and a dress have been added to the "Show me" tab (the dress opens only after it is opened according to the plot)


Wandering Trader:

- Added the "Special Service" scene

- Changed prices for goods for sale

- Added the ability to sell cobblestone and wood



- Added dream "Camp"

- Now dreams can be viewed only after sleeping in bed at night (previously – at any time of the day)


Other changes:

- Improved animation optimization. Now animations are played from the video file, and not by the order of image playback, which is why crashes on some android devices have been fixed.

- Now on Android, Steve's head is also displayed during the dialogue (yay!)

- For Android, a "Hide" button has been added to hide the interface during the game. On the PC version, this still can be done by pressing the middle mouse button or "h". To control from the gamepad – the "Y" button.

- Added a small scene after the first visit to the second level of the mine.

- Added sounds for mini-games in the forest (during the day) and in the mine.

- A cheat entry window has been added for Android. Now Platinum supporters can get resources not only on the PC (yay!)

- Herobrine has been removed

- Added a thank you screen for my supporters

- Fixed a bug where the scene of the first meeting with the Creeper was not shown

- The game of hunting at night in the forest has been slightly complicated (a hint has also been added for the dumbest who did not understand what to do there) - Fixed bugs


horny.craft-0.04.1.apk 274 MB
Jun 26, 2022
HornyCraft-0.04.1-linux.tar.bz2 255 MB
Jun 26, 2022
HornyCraft-0.04.1-mac.zip 252 MB
Jun 26, 2022
HornyCraft-0.04.1-pc.zip 286 MB
Jun 26, 2022

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привет Шадик там есть проблема ти походу кнопку неправильна запрограммировал и на андроид после пляжа нельзя с коровой поговорить 


Que código introduzco en la casilla de codigo


I don't know if it's a bug or it's still in development, but Steve only dreamed about camp once, it's been days and he doesn't dream about it again.

I'm waiting for the low chance of herobrine to be in the woods hidden looking at the player and no one notices


Can herobrine be added.


I didn't played yet but just wanna say wtf bro nice parody XD and nice reference with the "Herobrine removed" in the logs

Simon Says game in wave 3 only expects 5 clicks from you but it shows 6 cards for you to guess.

Только вчера думал об обнове, и она тут как тут

It would be nice if you could skip to each versions content or at least to the latest version.


A new update!!!! Let’s gooo, looking forward to the next one