Hornycraft v.0.03.2 - Fast bug fix update

  • Fixed a bug with the game crashing after visiting a cow
  • Fixed a bug with background disappearing after milking
  • Fixed a bug where Steve says the cow is still sleeping, even though the cow wasn't bought

If you do not load old saves, there is only one way out. Start a new game


horny.craft-0.03.2.apk 219 MB
Jun 02, 2022
HornyCraft-0.03.2-linux.tar.bz2 204 MB
Jun 02, 2022
HornyCraft-0.03.2-mac.zip 200 MB
Jun 02, 2022
HornyCraft-0.03.2-pc.zip 234 MB
Jun 02, 2022

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I on Android. The game hard crashes when it switches animations in the first hand job scene.

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I'm...honestly not sure how the Mob Loot hunting works, to be honest. What exactly do I have to do in order to get it?

It's just simon says

I'm really bad at Simon Says.

hello, good morning, afternoon or evening haha, excellent game the truth is that I have a problem at the beginning of the game I get an error and I get image´s_12´not found and I wanted to see how it has to be fixed or how


That update is fucking lit. Honestly i did`nt expect so much new content from this, especially after seeing some authors on itch.io...


I'm trying my best