HornyCraft v.0.02.1 Public Update

Update 0.02.1

- Bug fixes

Update 0.02 What's new?

In this update, I wanted to pay more attention to the technical part of the game, as well as show my future plans for development.

- Alex:

- Added back view

- Fixed some bugs, also now the price of a night blowjob will depend on your relationship with Alex

- Updated "show me" scenes and added one new one

-Added emeralds – Currency for trading.

-Added "loot mobs". It can be obtained if you hunt monsters at night in the forest.

-New mini game for night hunting

-Added a Wandering Trader. You can buy and sell some resources from her. More features and products will be added in the future.

- Cow: 

-Added a cow – You can buy her from Wandering Trader for 10 emeralds.

- Added milking scene

- Added several "show me" scenes.

- Creeper:

- Added Creeper. You can meet her if you walk several times at night in the forest.

- Added several "show" scenes.

- Added a cheat available to the Platinum support level (press F1)

- The resource extraction system has been changed. Now you have to use tools to mine. Also, the better the tool you have, the more resources you can get. The current tools are displayed in the upper right corner.

- Implemented a mine improvement system. To get iron, you will have to upgrade the mine to the second level.

- Implemented a home improvement system. So far, it is used only to get a cow.

- Added primitive crafting and tool improvements. They can be found in the house by the workbench.

- Bug fixes, minor interface improvements and other minor changes


horny.craft-0.02.1.apk 129 MB
May 12, 2022
HornyCraft-0.02.1-linux.tar.bz2 118 MB
May 12, 2022
HornyCraft-0.02.1-mac.zip 111 MB
May 12, 2022
HornyCraft-0.02.1-pc.zip 145 MB
May 12, 2022

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How do I convince the creeper to make the bikini for cow? I got past the bj scene but I got stuck after that

Creo que agregar mas idiomas como español estaría bien. Y bueno solo diré que es un buen juego espero sigas actualizándolo y algún día tengamos el juego completo.

Bro me pasas el link pa instalar la v2 es que la quiero 


Please change the wood minigame. Button mashing a mouse isn't fun.

Please add more updates bc this is the one and only minecraft porn game even tho how popular minecraft is


I'm pretty sure there are others, just more of an anime themed.

Fantastic update.

Just got to 20/20 with everyone who is available, hopefully the next update won't make me have to restart.

couple of bugs I noticed were; 

  1. during the get gold for Alex scenes, one of the pictures (Mine_Morn) doesn't display correctly, possible that it's mislabeled since it shows any other time
  2. if you leave the cow by hitting night after milking, her mood bar stays on the screen until you visit and exit normally

looking forward to seeing what else you have planned in the future.