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Welcome to HornyCraft - free minecraft porn parody game!

This is an 18+ fan parody where you have to play as a guy named Steve who lives in a cubic world. This world is fraught with a lot of vulgarities, be sure of it!


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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(614 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, Adult, Dating Sim, Eroge, Erotic, Funny, NSFW, Parody, Ren'Py
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian, Spanish; Latin America, French, Polish, Russian, Chinese
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


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HornyCraft-0.10-mac.zip 528 MB
HornyCraft-0.10-linux.tar.bz2 528 MB
HornyCraft-0.10-pc.zip 562 MB

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Il me manque les trois dernières scènes de la sorcière Je débloque tous les autres de tous les autres personnages comment faire ? 

Как открыть последнюю цену у меня есть все кроме этой 

Ты же ей давал ресурсы с мобов?

Она должна была сшить платье и показать его

O jogo é muito bom,os gráficos hd,animação,os designers,e bom o jogo :D

Só que vcs poderiam coloca as legendas pra pt-br também 

O brasill é o mais que abaixa esse tipo de jogo 

Vcs deviam coloca uma legenda pra nois 


Когда обновление?

Думаю сегодня либо завтра

How do I get the locked final character? Where do I enter the code?


What is this maze thing and btw I'm on Android

Just keep spamming the paths


I guess you will update it in three days, right


Where do I enter the code on the PC version?


как ты открыл этого персонажа? 


I basically already did almost everything I had to do in the game but there's still a scene of Alex that I still haven't unlocked and I don't even know how to do it can someone help me

(1 edit)

Did you talk to Alex if you can't you don't to all

Я не могу говорить с Алексом

cheat code is gamemode1 my dudes btw his useless

How to unlock new character?

I wanted to buy the cheat code but it's not here anymore...


how do i get to the pillager Sean


This Game Should Be On Steam

Pa Cuando

 el 11


does anyone know the cheatcodes?

I'm stuck in the maze, that's in the mine. how do I get out of it?

just pick random tunnels until the warden finds you


Alright, thanks m8


I complete all things pls update fast

updates require time, so just wait smh. Impatient much?

how to get the last scene to cow, and the rest scene to creeper?

go to the beach during the day and see creeper swimming.

thanx :)

i can't find her

The game crashes a lot on Android. Is there anything you can do?

Как решить проблему с вылетом при входе в игру с андройда ?

how can i get the bikini for the cow girl ?

(1 edit)

you visit the creeper at the lake during midday and you continue the story line there

what lake?

i can only pet her head

Did you upgrade ur house ?

it said that i dont need to and its not leting me do it

I think there should be a way for you to befriend/capture the pillager girl so you can constantly have sex with her instead of just once


When will 0.11 come out??


the arts good, the storys good, the chracters are funny honestly, totally worth a play. 4 stars cuz honestly its a bit of a grind


I mean, it is a Minecraft parody.


I deadass really like this game, the art, humour and overall effort really impressed me, i simply cant wait for 0.11

how do i get mob  loot

Go to the forest at night. Same place you'd chop wood during the day.

(1 edit) (+1)
when will there be v.0.11?

Btw is he gonna bring back herobrine


Herobrine is still in the game, I think it puts that to give you the surprise that she is eliminated, but she is not. It is also a reference to the fact that the former creator of Minecraft always said that Herobrine is eliminated, every time you see that it is eliminated, it means that there will be something new.

is there any way to change the script of the game for items

how can i get mob loot?

go to the forest at night and complete the mob minigame

But make sure you make a sword first

Win dus the new version v0.

11 come out?



I don't know why but I'm afraid to play this.

What is the code for 0.10 update

Me quedé estancado ya no puedo hablar con ninguna exótic con la Creeper y con la vaca pero la vaca me dice que quiere un traje de baño y stiv no tiene nada de que hablar con la Creeper Haci que no puedo avanzar ayuda

how do you unlock herobrine scene? After i complete 2nd puzzle, it resets and torch appears again with same puzzle

It's the same for me, I think that we have to wait for a new update of the game itself so that new scenes appear.

Update your house and you will see sigh click on it

(1 edit)

Steve doesn't let me, he says he see no reason to upgrade it

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