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Can you make a Spanish version please and for Android

how do i complete the game?


pls add a Android Version


Bruh what i don't like about your drawing style is that muscles. I am not a gigachad to love muscular girls.


I love muscular/toned girls. Healthy, and fit is endearing to me.


Bruh they look like men

Moreover, as I am nerd, ...


Muscular lasses are fucking wonderful, dude.


damn it I was so hyped to play but then I realized it's only for PC :( actually I'm to broke for a pc or laptop they're expensive as well I hope there is a iOS or Android version of this game

Привет, Шалдик, 18 этаж максимальный? А то остановился и прогресс не двигается.

any game made by Shadik is always a W


how do i full screen?


Press F for this game

Когда девушки из подземелья появятся на андроиде?

Когда будет обнова по девушкам из подземелья на андроид 


Android plz shadik






How do you amke these games

Deleted 168 days ago

I suppose that all locked scenes with "?" aren't available yet ? Good work tho.


This game has been confirmed dead

I hope that's not true. That would be tragic.

Do you have a sauce for the confirmation?

I dm him on Twitter

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When you upgrade the first spell too much it last longer than it´s cooldown, so you can just continuously spam it, that´s a bit too unbalanced

And it just crashed the game for me, when I tried to use it again


Plan for Android release?

when is next update???

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When using the "win by blowjob", it gets bugged, the next fight whoever it is won't lose (-5212?), switching screens (like going to the town) does solve it though. Kind of wish the creatures would fight back though (blame LOTS of RPGS for that), so that if you lost, the monster gets to have a little fun before sending you back to the village. Outside of that it's fun and enjoyable! Think I've gotten as far as I can though, hoping there's more after stage 18 before too long!

Edit to add a weird bug: When talking with the faerie "about spells" the info surrounding the three skills gets bugged slightly. If I haven't scrolled over those yet, it shows a foreign language (Russian?), if I have scrolled over it, it will say the whatever the last one I checked for all three skills. Example: while the faerie is explaining about the skills, all 3 skills will show the money skill info. Once she's done talking about it, it returns to normal. 


I know this might have been answered but i couldnt find it but any chance of an android version at somepoint

It seems to be a bit broken when it comes to progressing stages, my first try iI couldn't go further than stage 8, after restating it stopped at 18, or maybe that's the max, not sure cause I don't want to start over personally if this will keep happening. Besides that, good game

The GUI has an issue where it clips out of frame, especially on the bottom.

Other than that, really fun game. Absolutely gonna follow this.

It seems to only happen when not windowed for me, seems like it just doesn't quite fit regular screen size.

how do u unlock the new slime scene 


Really fun game, the setup is interesting, the art is really nice and the gameplay is plain fun. I hope we get a real spanking scene as a "story-event" in the future. Keep up the good work!


Anyplans on mobile versions?


This is not possible at the moment. But in the future - maybe

Can't download this game at all it will ever say is "BUILD UNDEFINED"

Try downloading from the website, not through the app

Through the site it worked odd.

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Баг с негативным ХП после deep никуда не делся (так можно неплохо деньги фармить). И после смены расположения скиллов полноэкранный режим теперь нужен ещё больше: каждый раз сдвигать окно наверх, чтобы тыкнуть его неудобно. Больше никаких багов не заметил.

upd. Возможно баг не пропал, потому что я игру не с начала начал.

Спасибо за отзыв, буду решать эти вопросы как-нибудь

ok i tried to install and said build undefined the only way i could install is through the itch.o web page but couldnt do it through the app on computer

I only recently found out about the existence of the app. Soon I will make it work

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You gotta limit the maximum number of critical hit particle effects, my dude. Or make the rendering more efficient somehow - getting crit rate too high can lag the game a lot depending on the RNG! And that really works against the upgrade where every click drops a coin!

Fantastic art though, really like where you're going with this!

By the way, are you using butler for the uploads? If not, please do, because this game can't currently be installed through the itch app, only manually. ^^;


Thank you for your feedback! I will definitely take into account your comment about critical damage!

And about Butler...This is the first time I've heard of it, I've read a little about it and, as I understand it, is it in order to upload the game in HTML5? I don't plan to make a browser version of the game, so...


Butler is the "official" way to upload new game versions. The itch app on PC allows players to manage games automatically like Steam, in terms of downloading, installing, listing, organizing, and updating games, as well as things like sorting installed games by recently played, tags, etc., but it seems to expect the game to be uploaded in a particular way, like as a (zipped) folder.

For your game, the itch app right now fails to recognize how to "install" it (most games consist of a folder containing an exe rather than just an exe by itself), so I can only manage the game "install" manually through a web browser and Windows file explorer. Putting the latest exe into a folder and then uploading that folder with Butler (remember the version number in the command, if you've been specifying it manually) should allow the itch app to understand how to manage the game install. Does that make sense?

Hmm, looks like I need to know more about this. I'll see what I can do about it!

how the hell do i acces floor 10 is it not out yet or im missing out smth?

its not available like the three buildings in the village 

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anytime I download this it deleted it self files. how do i fix this

Turn off the antivirus. Most antiviruses recognize games created on the Clickteam Fusion engine as viruses





Deleted 192 days ago

alright 👍 thanks for trying and I hope it will succed and if it doesn't ....I'll rate you 0.5 stars 😦


lmao I died on that response, I'm waiting for the android version can't really play games like this when a shared computer is on a living room smh

I'm confused. How do I play?

Tap the monster girls to deal damage. Collect coins that drop. Buy upgrades. Repeat. 

Fun story + cool arts = nice game :)
There is a bug when you have too many uncollected coins dropped from girls, you can't upgrade stuff (spank up, DPS up, ...). You need to collect most of the coins to be enable to upgrade.
Maybe another bug where the player lost all uncollected coins when changing room or returning to the city. It could be great to automatically collect them when you left the area, but maybe that's the way it should be played (you lose what you didn't collect before exiting the area).

Thanks for the feedback, I will definitely fix it in the next update!

But the fact that you won't get coins that you haven't collected is just how it's meant to be.


I played the game yesterday thinking about the orc scene and this just came out. The story really gives in!

The quest scene for anna seems to be bugged, I can't replay it in the gallery.


Fixed! Thank you for your report. Try download again

An interesting clicker, with a cute story and girls. Frames really started dropping for me at level 8 to the point of a game-crash though

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Hey guys, If you wish for more development to this game please go to their patreon and support them. I definitely will help them when I start to get a source of income, as for the reactions of some of the comments I have seen, many of you guys/gals seem to like this game quite a bit ( and I don't really care if you're just horny). I personally like this Idle game quite a lot cause it is a lot different from most Visual Novel like games or RPGs, and I am quite on how well it is made within a couple years. Once again pls support their patreon; it ranks from $1, $3, $10, $25 more info will be found there. 

You can click the word patreon, cause it links to Shadik's patreon and yes it makes a new tab

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floors 9 and 10 will not unlock even though my progress bar says Im at floor 10,  are they not implemented yet? other than that its a great idle game

Hey, I appreciate a lot that there's an idle feature in the game ^^ it helps with my multitasking toc XD

I gotta admit, I'd love if instead of a bj "technique", there was a bj mode, that could be unlokced by defeating an enemy x amount of times, or reaching x y z floor or level. 

Apart from that, I think everything else is very nice ^^ waiting for more updates!

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